Battery Recycling Program


                                                                                                                                                                     GREATER LEBANON REFUSE AUTHORITY'S COUNTYWIDE BATTERY RECYCLING PROGRAM

Beginning October 1, 2022, GLRA will accept all rechargeable and single-use batteries for FREE at its Electronics Recycling Facility, located at 1805 Russell Road. GLRA has been approved as a Call2Recycle collection site for both rechargeable and single-use batteries.

RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES are commonly found in cordless power tools, cordless phones, laptops, cellphones, cameras, two-way radios, and medical equipment (portable glucose monitor, thermometer, etc.).

SINGLE-USE BATTERIES cannot be recharged and must be disposed of once they wear out. Single-Use batteries are most commonly used in low-drain devices, such as flashlights, clocks, watches, remote controls, smoke detectors, keyless entry remotes, toys, and hearing aids.  

EACH individual battery MUST BE under 11 pounds to be accepted and EACH individual battery MUST BE placed in an INDIVIDUAL clear plastic storage/ziplock bag.

Bagging is the quickest and easiest way to protect battery terminals. Remember ONLY ONE battery per clear storage bag! No matter how tedious that sounds, that is the rule if you want to recycle your batteries for FREE at our location. Plastic Bags ARE AVAILABLE for residents at our battery recycling station located in the Electronics Recycling Facility at 1805 Russell Road in North Lebanon Township.


HERE’S WHY...Batteries may hold a residual charge even when they appear dead. When this battery comes into contact with other batteries or metal, a spark or heat can occur. Unprotected battery terminals are dangerous. Sparks and heat can cause smoke, fires and explosions resulting in property damage or physical injury.

Beginning October 1, 2022, GLRA will have the Call2Recycle Battery Collection Boxes available at the Electronics Recycling Facility for residents to use, as well as the clear plastic storage/ziplock bags for residents to put ONE BATTERY PER BAG. There will also be a LIMIT of 50 BATTERIES PER VISIT PER CUSTOMER.