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Posted on: July 25, 2023

Recycle Right, Lebanon County!

Recycle Right Handout Flyer 2023

It's time to Recycle Right, Lebanon County!

The most common misunderstanding the public has about CURBSIDE recycling is that you need to put as much as possible into your recycle bin. However, recycling is actually a system of collecting and processing used materials that still have value. This means NOT everything is recyclable. There must be someone to buy the used material and recycle it into a new product. Just because it has a recycling symbol on the bottom, DOES NOT mean it is recyclable. While most of us are well-intentioned, when we put materials that don’t belong into the bin, we are actually contaminating the recycling stream. When you don’t recycle right, this negatively impacts our environment and economy.

Listed below are the only items to put inside your curbside recycling bin to ensure you are recycling right:
●   Plastic Bottles and Jugs ONLY (Check the Neck)  
●   Metal Food and Beverage Cans (Aluminum and Steel)
●   Glass Bottles and Jars (Clear, Green, Brown)
●   Newspaper (Clean and Dry)
●   Corrugated Cardboard (Clean, Dry and Must Be Flat)

Remember, only put these items in your curbside recycling bin. Everything else should be put in the trash. If you aren’t sure, just remember the simple phrase...“When in doubt, throw it out!”

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