Union Canal Walking Trail

To further demonstrate its commitment to the environment and the community, the Greater Lebanon Refuse Authority has constructed a walking trail on the landfill property. This trail is about 1.25 miles encompassing forest, farmland and three original locks of the historic Union Canal. The Union Canal operated in the 1800's as a waterway transportation through the Lebanon Valley.                                                    

Walking Trail Project        

The walking trail project initially began with the planting of trees along the Union Canal. Today the trail can be walked in either direction from the parking area just south of the GLRA Main Office located at 1610 Russell Road.

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Trail Information Brochure
There is an encased map and a holder for informational brochures mounted on a red storage shed located at the Main Office parking area at 1610 Russell Road.

Austin Heller, a neighbor to GLRA, and his father, Russ Heller, constructed these visual aids as well as the map and brochures of the Union Canal Walking Trail as part of a community service project. The Walking Trail History Brochure provides information on the Union Canal and contact information for the Lebanon County Historical Society and GLRA.

Trail Features

The scenic loop runs along pasture, wooded areas, the canal and farmland. The trail is ideal for youngsters with views of cattle, crops, the Union Canal and GLRA's landfill facility. Along with its recreational uses, the site is also used to demonstrate GLRA's pledge to community and environmental well-being.